Observation in 2007 for Further Training in Diagnostics and Treatment.

One month after the 2007 Assessment in Donetsk the first observation within the scope of the clinic partnership took place. In August and September 2007 Dr. Konstantyn Solodenko, ward physician of the Donetsk AIDS ward, visited, i.e. sat in, for six weeks in the clinics for Infectiology and Gastroenterology of the Vivantes Auguste Viktoria Clinical Centre (AVK) in Berlin.

Training foci

The daily observation in the AVK provided Dr. Solodenko with the possibility to get to know the routine in the wards. He participated in the ward wound, the admissions and discharges as well as in the "inner-ward meetings." By request of the Ukrainian colleagues the main focus of the training was the daily exercise in operation and interpreting the ultrasound. Afterwards it will be the task of the AIDS Centre to certify this qualification in sonography in Ukraine. In addition to that Dr. Solodenko received daily private tuition in diagnostics and the implementation of treatment guidelines for opportunistic infections based on specific clinical cases. Moreover alternative methods of treatment were discussed in consideration of the structural conditions in Donetsk. The observation concluded with a guideline-based interview about the training contents, the possibility to realise the acquired knowledge in Donetsk and the perspectives of the clinic partnership.

Dr. Solodenko performing an ultrasound scan in Berlin

Knowledge acquired:

It was especially helpful for Dr. Solodenko to consolidate his knowledge in diagnostic sonography with regard to the appropriate use of the ultrasound scan planned for the AIDS ward. In addition to that Dr. Solodenko also found it very useful to learn other diagnostic procedures even though these are not yet available in the AIDS Centre so as to improve the exchange of content between the treatment centres in Donetsk. Concluding Dr. Solodenko resumed regarding the choice of the observation foci that "the fortification of diagnostic procedures should be the real basis of each treatment. Thus I understood what the actual idea of the German colleagues was: you can only have success with your treatment with adequate diagnostics."

Discussion with colleagues (Thorax X-ray) bone marrow puncture


It is an essential concern of the clinic partnership that the Ukrainian colleagues can make use of the long experience of German colleagues; something Dr. Solodenko was well aware of: "In our talks here it became apparent to me, that there are many opinions and authors, and that AVK has made its proper reassessments in many cases. Sometimes it arrived at different conclusions and thus developed different treatment guidelines. Sure, we could also apply this trial and error method - and we would certainly achieve result as well just like the Berlin colleagues - but it is so tremendously timesaving to benefit from their experiences now."


In order to achieve sustainable effects the knowledge acquired in the observations must be circulated in Donetsk. This too was successfully initiated. After having been able to acquire a sonography equipment for the AIDS ward in March 2008, Dr. Solodenko started instructing the ward physicians and a physician of the policlinic. Moreover he reported that he was giving individual sessions in diagnostic and treatment cycles for the ward and policlinic physicians of the AIDS centre. Plus, he conducted the diagnostic exams, which he had learned in Berlin (e.g. abdominal and liquor punctures) in the presence of other ward physicians. _Another gratifying element in Dr. Solodenko's report is that due to his newly acquired knowledge he discussed among other things the diagnostics and treatment of CNS diseases in HIV/AIDS patients as well as the treatment viral hepatides with two regional specialists.


Dr. Soldenko has high hopes for the potential of the telematics platform, which will offer him and his colleagues additional exchange options. Asked about his ideas for the continuous improvement of the clinic partnership, Dr. Solodenko suggested above all the subject-specific preparation of the Donetsk colleagues prior to their observation; which will be included in the concept of future observations. November 14, 2007 | Category:


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