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Assessment 2007 in Donetsk

The first assessment took place in July 2007 within the framework of the Physician's/Medical Programme in the Donetsk AIDS Centre and its new AIDS ward. As regards content, the focus was on getting acquainted with the routine in the AIDS ward and the policlinic of the AIDS centre as well as the possibilities in diagnostics and on laboratory scale plus the availability of medication. It turned out that the staff disposed only of limited individual diagnostics technology or licenses. For many exams patients have to be transferred to other clinics, which are not specialised in HIV.
The assessment also served to become familiar with some of the AIDS Centre's cooperation partners. Together with one of the ward physicians of the AIDS ward initial talks were held in the regional clinic, the municipal tuberculosis clinic, the municipal substitution therapy department as well as with a self-help group.

Christoph Weber's visit report describes this assessment from his medical perspective. Apart from an introduction into the situation of the HIV epidemic in Ukraine and in Donetsk, this report describes the medical care structure for HIV in the oblast and the city of Donetsk, with a focus on a portrayal of the AIDS ward and the AIDS Centre Donetsk. In addition to that, he also describes the care infrastructure for tuberculosis patients and the very limited options for substitution therapy for injecting drug users.

Visit Report Donetsk, Ukraine - July 2007 (PDF, 170 kb)

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